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Were you wondering how the RedBull X-Alps experience looks and feels like? How would it be to dedicate 10 days into crossing the Alps with your paraglider? You don't have to be a top athlete to do it! You can now join us and experience the magic of the mountains with a Red Bull X-Alps athlete.
Paragliding conditions
Flying Style: Cross Country, SIV, Hike & Fly
Terrain: Mountains
Lessons or coaching
Spot guidance
Retrieve (XC)

The takeoffs and the flying area will be the Red Bull X-Alps 2019 route (Salzburg to Monaco). Of course we will skipp the hardcore trekking and climbing as occured on the race, but all the rest will be there to provide you an unforgetable experience in first hand. For this purpose we'll use the cars to move close to the takeoff areas and to the camp grounds. We will fly everytime the weather is suitable and in case of no flyable days we will move forward towards better weather.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Mozartplatz, Salzburg, Austria
Flight search assistance
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Full board

The Destination

Salzburg to Monaco! What can be soo good as this? You will get to know the Alps as you have never done before. Austria, Salzburg and Wagrain. Next stop Germany and Aschau and from there we go to Italy to Kronplatz crossing the Alps from North to South. From Kronplatz we'll go to Germany again to Zugspitze and Leermos and from there straight to Davos in Switzerland. We will fly down from Titlis to the Grindelwald and the famous Eiger. Next stop will be Mont Blanc and Chamonix and from there to St Hillaire in France and then Monte Viso in Italy, Saint Andre in France and final stop Monaco.

The Experience

Imagine the Red Bull X-Alps without the hard parts of walking! Crossing the Alps through the race turnpoints as if it was a real race but with the help of cars and cable cars, while flying as much as we can, even just the short flights in the morning or the afternoon. You won't have to worry about anything excpet focusing on your flying. The logistics, the sleeping, and all the food will be the organizer's part.

Important to know before
  • You must have an SIV with good handling in strong turbulence (if you want to fly all the time)
  • You must be capable of taking off in NIL wind (front launch)
  • You must be capable to land on small places or slopes
  • Wing level is not important as long as you feel good on it
  • Would be great to have Oudie 5
  • You must follow the schedule and be on time

The days are dynamic and fast going. Be prepared for the fast packing and moving around. We chill in the evening.

About flying
  • The days without rain we do hike/drive and fly
  • The days with the rain we either rest or if the flyable weather is close by we move
  • If the day is good for a long XC but not on the way to TP, we use it (moto is km in the air)
  • We tray to stay together in a group
  • If someone bombs out and is possible will be picked up and taken to the next possible takeoff that is in the group reach
  • Some takeoffs are not reachable by car so some hiking will be involved
About camping

Each pilot will have his own tent. The organization will help out with the camp preparation, tents, stuff... Bring your sleeping stuff! We recommend to bring devices that don't need a big power supply.


The food will mainly be pre-cooked or easy to serve with a lot of calories. The amount and availability of fresh fruit and vegetables will be dependent on the area we will be crossing. In the case you have some special diet we will get you the food you need but will be charged extra. If you are picky about the food, we recommend bringing your own goodies.

What to bring
  • Full flying equipment
  • SPOT or inReach
  • unlocked cellphone with DATA working inside EU (Latino American companies don't work in EU) (we can get you some SIM before, just have unlocked phone)
  • Tent if you want yours
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Walking poles
  • Insurance personal + 3rd party
  • Paragliding license + IPPI
  • Batteries and chargers you need
  • Adapter for EU
  • Personal hygiene
  • 2-3 pairs of tennis/boots
  • rain cover for you and glider
  • camel bag
  • radio
  • Passport with VISA entry to SWITZERLAND if needed
Social behavior and interactions

We will be a group of many pilots from many countries and also different cultures. All of us are different but we have something in common, the paragliding, and the adventure surrounding it. Everyone wants to have a great time. Many days together with different people can be stressful but nevertheless, we need to be a solid team. We assume that all the pilots are grownups and that they can behave like ones.

For the sake of the whole group we will not tolerate:

  • personal fights
  • the aggression of any sort
  • treating any client or members of the organization with disrespect
  • or any form of behavior that is offensive or can bring bad energy in the group

If a person does some of the things mentioned above first will be warned and if repeated will be taken out to the nearest bus station/airport. The final word will be always taken by Marko Hrgetic. There will be NO refund of any sort.


The accommodation will be in tents or vans depending on the number of pilots and possibilities. Sleeping will be done in the camping area as much as possible to have certain commodities of the camping sites. In the case of staying in the mountain, we can use mountain cabins as a place for sleeping and rest. The tents and the sleeping equipment will be prepared by our logistics crew every day.
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Your Host: Marko

Member since September 2017

Marko is your host for this experience and will take care of everything during your trip. Furthermore the host knows everything about this trip and will provide you with all the information needed.

APPI Master Instructor (SIV, XC) The instructor with the highest rating and one of the 30 APPI Master Instructors in the world. His experience and knowledge make him a top examiner for other instructors around the world. Marko is also certified by CCAA - Croatian Civil Aviation Agency as a PG Instructor. As a pilot, Marko has been selected as a Red Bull X-Alps athlete, PWC competitor and Croatian representative at PG World's Championship. High motivation combined with solid experience, knowledge, and skills make of Marko your best choice for any of his educational offerings.
Marko has been selected as a host by bstoked. We only accept hosts which are trustworthy and have a great quality in service to make sure you get the best experience possible.