"As a competition pilot I've been to a lot of stunning paragliding spots around the world. Some places stayed in my mind and I have returned back for a more relaxed trip, and some others, I have discovered on my own on different occasions. But wherever I go - it's always so much more fun if you're flying with someone with profound local knowledge. That’s what it's all about at bstoked: discover incredible spots around the globe with local-savvy guides. There is so much to discover - be it on a tour, in a camp - or rather independent in a stunning specialized accommodation. You may even join an expedition to places where no glider ever flew before! You'll find everything on bstoked - everything except boring touristy packages on crowded spots.

This is how I believe modern paragliding travel should be. I hope you will enjoy exploring our ever growing collection of unique paragliding trips and treat yourself with one soon."


Nuno Virgilio

Sky surfer - Portuguese paragliding champ

How does it work?

bstoked is at its core a platform that enables independent tour organisers, schools and experienced local riders to host sports experiences, which travelers can book directly from them. Selected hosts – we call them buddies – can thus make money by sharing local spot knowledge and offering sports experiences on spots they know best.

As a traveler you are in for authentic sports adventures on stunning spots, which can’t be found elsewhere online. bstoked makes it easy for you to find and book action sports experiences by minimising planning, risks and costs while optimising your overall sports and travel experience.

bstoked Platform

The Platform

Organising action sports travel can be a hassle: it’s time-consuming, risky and you are likely to spend more than you ought to. bstoked therefore developed a platform that can match your personal preferences with listed trips and services, independent data about spot conditions (e.g. wind, wave, weather), user ratings, flights, ... In other words, you can keep your independent travel ways but skip the daunting task of cross checking all the necessary information for planning such a trip. bstoked does it for you!

Hosts can list complete trips such as camps and cruises or specialised services such as accommodation, guidance, gear rental, lessons, and more. Listings are automatically enhanced with independent sports and travel data, media content, user reviews, and easy access to third-party services such as flight information and insurance. This adds value to the user generated offers.

We make sure that only trustworthy and dedicated hosts and suppliers can offer services on our platform. With our best prices guarantee we save you the time to look elsewhere.

The Community

bstoked builds a community from paragliders for paragliders. Essentially it’s the bstoked community that runs the “show”. Paragliding experiences are user generated and the bstoked community decides, which offers are the best and will thus be more visible to users. We encourage users to provide independent reviews of experienced trips and to share paragliding and travel advice with the community. We hope you will get involved and help us build a worldwide database of reviews and spot ratings – based on your actual experiences!

bstoked users can also connect with other paragliders in order to plan or share paragliding trips. This can help to cut costs and to get together a group of like minded pilots for a paragliding adventure.

The Team

bstoked has been founded by Aaron, Martin, Guilherme and Nejc out of our passion for kitesurfing and traveling. Recently we teamed up with Portuguese paragliding champion Nuno and together expanded into paragliding. We put all our energy in this platform and hope to make you stoked using it. We are always open for suggestions and collaborations, just get in touch.

Martin Marzidovšek

The wizard - marketing and strategy


Aaron Lindner

Rocket scientist - business and product development


Guilherme Duarte

Miracle worker - back end developer


Nejc Muršič

The owl - front end developer


Nuno Virgilio

Sky surfer - paragliding manager