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Fly cross country and simple short bivouac along the dry valleys which guided ancient Caravans linking South East Asia to Tibet plateau . Fly the Yangtze, Mekong and Nujiang valleys bordering Burma. From sub tropics in the south to the Himalayas its all within reach by vehicle (600 kilometers).
Paragliding conditions
Intermediate, Advanced
Flying Style: Cross Country, Tandem
Terrain: Mountains
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Retrieve (XC)

Paragliding in Yunnan is usually in consistent dry sunny weather, high cloud base and breezy valleys. there are no local flying permits or fees required and unrestricted traveling/retrieve on smooth modern roads are convenient of course remote 4x4 trails leading to wonderful hiking trails on ridges do exist for the adventurer in all of us. The main flying site, LTX valley. For intermediate pilots we will be flying in a well-known valley (LTX) with an official takeoff and LZ. It's on a high plateau, grassy mountainous area up to 3200m, terraced and hilly valley floors so expect conditions to suit accordingly. The takeoff, LTX2950 It's a drive up on smooth asphalt road, large groomed, SW facing at 2950msl with house thermal nearby. Many other hike and fly takeoffs are available nearby which can accommodate camp and fly; all within reach of the official LZ#3. The official LZ#3 It's a 4 km glide to the official LZ#3 field with windsock, 2200msl. Baimachang takeoff / XC flights Cross country flights of 30+km can be achieved from this all natural grassy takeoff ile staying within the same LTX valley. Drive up to takeoff. Hike/camp and fly is possible at this location. For explorations further North West we may encounter some big-air and strong thermals. Landing in some more remote valleys will need your attention and skill to make sure everything runs smoothly. Although conditions can be strong, we will manage and decide where and how to fly safely.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Gucheng, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Couple, Non-pilot
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Private
Food: Half board

The Destination

Nestled deep in the Himalayan foothills, halfway between the tourist hot-spots of Dali and Lijiang, lies the tranquil Shaxi valley, a sun drenched, fertile plain that follows the gentle Heihui River, a lesser known branch of the Mekong. There is no pollution, no airport and no traffic jams, but these are more than made up for by quiet cobbled streets, spectacular local architecture and impressive courtyard homes. Yunnan is a province located in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas bordering with Tibet, where virgin forest and high mountain grassland blankets what - until recently - was one of the planet's most pristine environments. This is the home to three of Asia's mightiest rivers, Yunnan's astonishingly diverse mix of flora, fauna and ethnic minorities have ties and similarities to Tibet towards the North in contrast to Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma (Myanmar) towards the South. Overall, this province has always been an ideal spot for those who like to look backwards and upwards for their earthly paradise. Our main flying area is home to a beautifully preserved traditional way of life that offers a glimpse into a forgotten era. Shaxi has been protected from mass tourism due to its relative distance from popular destinations in Yunnan. But a new highway has made the driving distance from Dali to Shaxi or Lijiang just 90 minutes.

The Experience

We will fly across Yunnan's vast terrain and experience Himalayan remote villages and valleys which you can discover at your own pace or on comfortable time efficient guided tour. The main plan is to enjoy simple Vol Bivouac on 30 km XC routes. We still maintain a standard level of comfort with drive up launch sites and relaxing restaurants at your destination.

XC Expedition

Alternatively, if your need for adventure is big, we can prepare an expedition for a 150 km+ XC Vol Bivouac along an unbroken mountain range, flanked by the Mekong and Salween rivers, up to the edge of the main Himalayan range.


This can be a mixed tour. We will stay in hotels, which are plentiful in towns on the way to our flying spots or, wilderness tenting can be decided upon considering our location and weather. While on our Vol Bivouac expedition, we will stay under shelters or using tents.
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Adventurer and Paraglide /Tandem / pilot in Yunnan since 2006 with a passion to share familiar flying sites, scenery and adventure or explore wilderness in the far reaches of Yunnan and Tibet. Born in an aviation family. RC aircraft enthusiast. Cycling career in Canada. Bicycle shop owner, retired 2001. Paraglide since 2001 Instructor and Tandem since 2004 Mechanical skills. Sailing enthusiast. Adventurer. Geology as a hobby.
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