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This is not just a regular flying tour, but a whole Colombian experience! Come and live as a family during 14 days in Colombia. We will share not just the sky but the latin culture!!!
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Flying Style: Cross Country, Tandem
Terrain: Flatlands, Mountains
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The Andes mountain chain will be on our back so we have some influence from the big mountains and the seabreeze from the Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless our playground is the flatlands and big mountains that surround the Valle del Cauca. There will be perfect thermals everywhere with plenty of clouds to guide you through the sky. The thermal breeze enters launch at around 9:00 am and proper flying traditionally starts at around 11 am. The wind is generally very light throughout the launchable window with conditions occasionally becoming tailwind if the weather forecast indicates a strong Pacific breeze.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Cali - Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Non-pilot
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Breakfast
Available Options: Vegetarian

The Destination

Colombia is a latin country with a very relaxed athmosphere. Our aim is to promote this country as a safe and perfect place to develop paragliding skills for foreigner pilots, but also living somehow the Colombian Culture, trying the incredible tropical flavours and having a deserved resting Colombian Style time. Colombia is an equatorial country whose climatic variations are determined by trade winds, humidity and especially by altitude: the higher up you go, the colder it is. Please consider this information when you travel to Colombia. There are only two seasons, and virtually throughout the country there are two rainy periods – from April to June and from August to November – and two dry periods. However, the country enjoys constant luminosity throughout the year, with an equal number of daylight and nighttime hours. Roldanillo will be our main destination. This is a very well known place and it is the ideal location to fly long cross country distances and improve your flying skills, with very easy conditions botj at the flat lands and the mountains.

The Experience

We are a latin company and that means that we offer not just a flying tour, we offer you a whole Colombian experience! You will be able to enjoy the marvels of our culture, our cuisine, traditional games and more. We will live as a family during 15 days in Colombia. We will share not just the sky but the culture!!! All our team mates are biligual and experienced pilots. We will guide you and show you the wonders of this country. We guarantee you fun and long flights! So come and fly Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay!

  • ARRIVAL: we will be waiting for you at Cali’s International airport. We will have a welcome meal and then proceed to go to our first location just 30 minutes away from the airport. That evening/night will be just for chilling and relax, get used to weather and have some rest.
  • SECOND AND THIRD DAY – PIEDECHINCHE: the breakfast will be scheduled for 9 am, we will continue with the general briefing where we will introduce all the team and share the kit for the tour (SIM cards, T-Shirts, Maps), also check the equipment and set the radio frequencies. Then heading to take-off: a very nice launch, with the perfect angle, good wind and very good conditions for cross country, incredible mountain and valley flying with smooth thermals, very good mountain flying and great opportunity to jump and fly at the flat lands.
  • FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH DAY – ROLDANILLO: Roldanillo is a small rural town with perfect conditions for flying as confirmed by the countless top level events held here. The launch is 1900 meters/A.S.L. and 900 meters above the valley floor and faces east. Launch is ample and grassy.
  • SEVENTH, EIGHT, NINTH AND TENTH DAY – ANSERMA NUEVO: Anserma Nuevo is a town located at north of Roldanillo and it is the last town in the Valle del Cauca State. The Launch is located in the same chain of mountains of Roldanillo, The wind conditions in this place change totally, the back wind comes later and that give us the possibility of flying later. The jeeps drop you just in front of the take off and you will not need to walk 10 meters to set up your equipment. We will be staying at Villa Lukas, an amazing place with a great view and a warm pool to relax after flight.
  • ELEVENTH DAY– COFFEE FARM HORSEBACK RIDING – MANIZALES: This program is ment to be an experience that allows pilots to venture into the real environment and culture of the coffee region, and get the local flavor of the Colombian experience. Horseback riding is a traditional activity that works perfect for a resting day where the pilots have the opportunity of experience something new and fun.
  • TWELFTH, THIRTEENTH, FOURTEENTH AND FIFTEENTH DAYS – JERICO: Jerico is a town located at southwest of Antioquia Mountains, With an altitude of 2100 meters ASL this is a place to fly at noon, the launch is located facing North. Flying there is very good with one of the most incredible landscape of the region. We will be flying close to huge mountain walls, with opportunity of making triangles of up to 80 kmts. This place gives us the possibility of flying twice per day in case of an early landing. At the end of this flying day, we will pack our luggage and drive to Medellin, where we will have a fun goodbye party night until early in the morning.
  • SIXTEENTH, SEVENTEENTH AND EIGHTEENTH DAYS: This days we will go back to the south getting close to the Airport of return home and according to the wishes of the pilots we will fly in their preferred spots.

During the tour we will be using most of the time a very comfortable Van for 15 passengers Mercedes Sprinter, and during our time at Anserma Nuevo, due to the off road we will be using traditional 4x4 vehicles Jeeps.


According to our values we try to live a real Colombian Experience and as cultural tradition families share holiday time in local farms, we will have accommodation in very good farm houses with shared accommodation (2 person maximum 3 per room).
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Your Host: Lucho

Member since April 2017

Lucho is your host for this experience and will provide you with all the information needed.

Paragliding pilot since 1997 with a big advantage of living close to one of the best and most consisten places to fly in the planet, Roldanillo and the valley of Cauca, which give me the opportunity of flying an average of 300 hours per year. Competition pilot since 2002 in national competitions and internationally since 2010. But the most important a passionate Colombian, leader of the organization team of the World Cup Roldanillo 2011, Super Final World Cup 2013 and 14th FAI Paragliding World Championship 2015 that made possible the dream of show the world one of many good things of this country. I am not the best pilot of person, but I can promise you I will try my best to guide you trough a very Colombian experience while we fly the skies of this beautiful country.
Lucho has been selected as a host by bstoked. We only accept hosts which are trustworthy and have a great quality in service to make sure you get the best experience possible.