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  • Member since: April 2017
  • From: Manizales, Colombia
  • Skill level: Advanced
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Paragliding pilot since 1997 with a big advantage of living close to one of the best and most consisten places to fly in the planet, Roldanillo and the valley of Cauca, which give me the opportunity of flying an average of 300 hours per year. Competition pilot since 2002 in national competitions and internationally since 2010. But the most important a passionate Colombian, leader of the organization team of the World Cup Roldanillo 2011, Super Final World Cup 2013 and 14th FAI Paragliding World Championship 2015 that made possible the dream of show the world one of many good things of this country. I am not the best pilot of person, but I can promise you I will try my best to guide you trough a very Colombian experience while we fly the skies of this beautiful country.