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We're off roadtripping with our bus and paragliders. Surely only for adventurers of paragliding and culture. Iran, you ll love it !
Paragliding conditions

Intermediate, Advanced

Flying Style: Cross Country

Spot guidance

Retrieve (XC)

From dynamic desert wind flying, to 2500m high take-offs and cloudbases up to 4-5000 meter. Some thermalling experience and intermediate to advanced skills are needed to fly Iran sites relaxed.

Trip characteristics

Typical Pickup: Tehran, Teerão, Irão

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group

German English Spanish French Dutch

Ambience: Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Half board

The Destination

I had the luck to travel around a bit, like many of you. But Iran grabbed me. Soon after arrival you feel you are not out of your comfort zone and feel very protected by the amazing friendliness and welcoming by the Persians. The countriside is so diverse as no other on the planet. From Alpine pastures to desert dunes in the south. From ski-resorts to all year round tropical temperatures near the Persian Gulf. In between numerous mountains near Esfehan, Shiraz and Yazd. In between the flying, you will be overwhelmed by the proudness of the Iranian female and male pilots. If you have an eye for culture, I probably have to drag you out to the next place. It is a cultural eye candy country, from Zoroastrian Shrines to Muslim Mosques, Persepolis, to the famous tombs of world-known poets like Ferdosi and Hafez.

The Experience

Iran is a huge country and we will try to get as much as possible from it from this condensed experience. We will visit Esfehan, and make our way to Shiraz and Yazd, to make the most of the flying in April. In Esfehan we will fly Rokh, a 2300 m high take off, from where the main XC routes are done. Present record of 350 km XC flights has been done by Iranian pilots. Shiraz, historically famous for its wine, and as the known happy town of Iran.

Road-Trip and Cultural Immersion

This is experience is essentially a road-trip, not just a paragliding trip. We have a bus on our behalf with an Iranian driver, who will take us to the sites on which we decide each morning. Never knowing where we will end up the next day, but always in contact with the locals, and making the best of it between flying. In between the flying we nose around in the country.

On this trip we will pass by Sadra, Dasht, Arjan or Kotal as all are nearby. Yazd, is the most interesting old city and we will fly the nearby dunes in the desert. In between, we will take the chance to visit a lot of interesting, rich places, nature, culture, history, after all you are in Persia, the cradle of civilizations. Necropolis, Persepolis, shrine of ZaratHustra, ancient Mosques etc.etc....


I have organised this trips to Iran several times already, and its only getting better. More and more sites are open, more local paragliding clubs are welcoming us. And to be honest we have to refuse their invitation to visit their homes and give us food and welcome us with full heart. Amazing values are still there, that we have lost long time ago, Iran is a developing country, and its people are very well educated. The conversations go much further than the usual gossip.


Accommodation is an open subject. It will all depend where we are, who we meet. From hotels to sleeping in family houses, being part of the adventure.



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Food: Half board
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Transportation with local driver
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