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  • From: Trento, Italy
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Mountain Guide IFMGA by profession from 2003 and paraglider from 2008. I love spend my time in one of the Biggest play ground in the world; at from my point of view: the best one. I'm an enthusiastic traveler around the world for guiding or just travel and every time I'm returning back at home I do understand how beautiful and unique are the Dolomites. It's more than 30 years I'm enjoy the beauty of Dolomites and seams I begun yesterday.

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Luca Gasparini



06 Sep. 2017

The trip was one of my favourite. Luca was an outstanding guide and host. He was agile in proposing other activities when weather was not flyable or fly in Bassano which was great too. His knowledge of the area and weather enabled me to use every single minute in something I enjoyed. He's well experienced in guiding and coaching and able to communicate positively and clearly which make the trip fun and rewarding. In addition, I really enjoyed the selection of restaurants and meals we shared. thanks.

09 Jun. 2022

I booked Luca as my guide for 3 days flying and then added another for climbing. The initial communication was very detailed and Luca is very responsive which made planning the trip very easy. Luca picked the spots to fly based on the weather and it worked well. His knowledge of the different sites was very thorough in the ground briefings and the aerial guiding by radio was clear and accurate. He helped me make more than one low save! Luca is clearly very passionate about paragliding and made the whole trip enjoyable. He happily gave me great information on the different areas and launches for the days following when I flew on my own. Would very happily fly with Luca again. Thanks for a great week.

10 Aug. 2023

Unfortunately the weather didn't permit paragliding, but spending time with Luca was amazing. He described so much about paragliding in the area I feel like I did get to fly! I will definitely come back and try again and I will use Luca as a guide. He was extremely nice, fun and knowledgeable. I would recommend Luca to any pilot looking to fly in the Dolomites.

22 Sep. 2023

Amazing trip. Paragliding in dolomites must be one of my best trips. Luca was a spectacular guide and it's clear that he is passionate about guiding and paragliding. He showed patience and a cool demeanor when teaching my wife. He is very knowledgeable, an expert pilot and knows the area very well. I will definitely be back.