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We are located in Llogara National Park. We offer bungalows and tents to rent as well as places for your own tent or a camper. This is a great starting point to explore plenty of paragliding sites throughout Albania and specially Llogara Pass take-off that is just 10 min drive away.
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Flying Style: Cross Country, Soaring, Acro, SIV, Tandem, Hike & Fly
Terrain: Mountains, Beach
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We invite groups and pilots of any level during the whole year and especially in spring, summer and autumn for the best conditions. There are plenty of sites in Albania. Closest site to the Camping is Llogara Pass (880m asl), seaside, which is great for acro and SIV, also good for soaring and XC with the right conditions. A bit further North is Shashica, Vlora (680m asl), suitable for soaring, acro, also a great site for beginners. Weather conditions are varied, you can expect great spring thermals, long soaring sessions with a stronger wind as well as smooth and calm days throughout the year, perfect for low airtime pilots. As a seaside site it's perfect for Acro and SIV training over the water.

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Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
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The Destination

We are located between the mountains and the sea at 746 amsl and it takes the best from both worlds. You can enjoy quick access to turquoise sea with beautiful beaches or hide in the mountains with refreshing climate on hot summer days. It's a great place not only for paragliding pilots, but also for all outdoor enthusiasts. Explore all four elements! During the day you can go flying, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, swimming, scuba diving... and come back in the evening for a splendid bonfire and barbeque with your friends.

The Experience

Albania, with its’ 75% of territory composed of mountainous area and around 476km of coastline is a great place for flying. Here we can enjoy plenty of diverse take-offs in a close proximity. Pilots of all levels can find their dream flying spot. Airflow Camping itself includes 2 bungalows - each accommodating 4 people and 5 double tents. You’re also welcome to camp with your own gear, toilets and hot water showers are provided. We organize transport to and from the take-off, retrieval and trips to other sites, like Vlora, Durrës, Mollas, Gjirocaster, Berat, Tomorri... and many more! We’re also keen on guiding a hike&fly or volbiv expedition into the unknown!


Our campsite offers two fully equipped mountain cabin (sleeps 4) and 5 tents (sleeps 2 each). There is also a space for your own tent or a camper van. To your disposition we have outside toilets, hot water showers and a small bar. You are welcome to join us for a lovely breakfast made with using local produce.
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