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Hi! My name is Zazou, I'm 25 and manage the Nid d'Aigle since 3 years now. It's a magic place where people from all over the world comes to paraglide. Here, we just like share good time, good food and good flys whith new people, to learn new things and to enjoy our lives at the top of this crazy mountain. If you have some questions about trasport, or conditions don't hesitate. Zazou


07 Mar. 2018

Excellent, will be back soon

26 Mar. 2018

Given that new management has been in place only two years they are doing an amazing job. Hints: Put clear flying rules up in English. Ask to see licences & insurance. Make a plotplan with no fly zones (cactus field) and rotor areas for various conditions. Do not allow low passes over the start area. Publish & enforce ridge flying rules. Provide more details of alternative activities for non-flying days. Place is excellent for PP2/PP3 pilots. Little x-country potential.

22 Nov. 2019

Extraordinary (5 star) Experience & Service Elisabeth it’s at the top of the game!!! Very Impressed with Her team/staff. They Over-delivered in every aspect of the Full Experience! *the window to my room overlooked the take off! WoW 👍👍👍


$53 (per night from)