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  • From: Nazare, Lagoa de Óbidos
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22 Oct. 2018

I started the course struggling with my reverse launches. I had been trying for a while to improve but I jsut couldnt figure it out. After a couple of days i was easily able to do this and made a huge amount of improvement. It was a really open teaching enviroment in that there was no question too sily and there was lots of explaination about what I was doing wrong and the effect that this had on the wing. It gave me a much better understanding of what my wing can do an how it responds to my inputs. I still have along way to go with my flying as I am a low airtime beginner pilot, but I really feel that I made alot of progress and have a much better foundation to continue my learning with. Before I was too scared to try an SIV and now I feel more confident that I would like to try one next year.