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  • Member since: March 2023
  • From: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Skill level: Advanced
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Importer & exporter who has been paragliding for over 8 years now. In which have found our own Flying Spot with XC’s from 100-200 kms during our season which is almos 9 months long. After getting into Paragliding I decided to promote Venezuela as a Destination for Pilots who love adventure and are willing to brake personal records on XC,. We are integrating Lodge and Full Pilots service to the ultimate level to fulfill their goal. Loving it already.

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La Puente Flying Camp



12 Apr. 2024

I cannot recommend this more highly! If you’re looking for big XC or just develop your skills to the next level this is the place. Roberto is a well known XC pioneer in Venezuela. His big grassy take off and beautiful accommodations next door are world class. After a few weeks flying in Colombia I felt like I needed a change of scene so at the last minute i contacted Roberto and two days later I was in the air over La Puenta. I spent a week flying with him every day in several spectacular locations covering some pretty decent XC distances. I have been paragliding through dozens of countries and Venezuela is my new favorite. Roberto is a perfect host and now also a good friend and his pilot brothers are legendary characters. I am planing my return trip soon.


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