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  • Member since: September 2017
  • From: Valle de Bravo, Mexico
  • Skill level: Advanced
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Marko Hrgetic, APPI Master Instructor (SIV,XC) (). MARKO HRGETIC is the instructor with the highest rating as an instructor and one of 30 Master instructors in the World. His experience and knowledge makes him important examiner for the instructors around the world. Marko is certified also by CCAA - Croatian Civil Aviation as an PG instructor. As an a pilot, Marko is PWC competitor, Worlds Champ. pilot and Croatian representative. APPI MASTER INSTRUCTOR No. 14372 APPI SIV CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR APPI XC CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- World FAI RANKINGS Resultados 2016. 6. lugar MonarcaOPEN 60. lugar Superfinale del Copa del Mundo Valle de Bravo Resultados 2015. 1. lugar Circuito Nacional de Mexico 1. lugar CopaValleIntrepidos 5. lugar Campeonato Eslovenia, Serbia, Croacia 1. lugar Croacia 43. lugar PWC AGER Resultados 2014. Monarcaparagliding PWC - Valle de Bravo 54. lugar 1.lugar TUXPAN Iguala - Dale Cross a tu vida 1.lugar OPEN Tuxpan MICHOACAN911449 nResultados 2013. Monarcaparagliding OPEN PrePWC - Valle de Bravo 3. lugar ValleIntrepido OPEN - Valle de Bravo 2.lugar 3.lugar Campeonato Eslovenia y Croacia 1.lugar Campeonato Croacia markohrgeticmonarca Resultados 2012. Tapalpa OPEN - Jalisco, Mexico 1. lugar Iguala OPEN 2012 - Tuxpan, Iguala, Mexico 1.lugar 1.lugar Campeonato Eslovenia y Croata 26.lugar en Campeonato Europeo SERIAL cup 2012 Resultados 2011: PrePWC Monarcaparagliding OPEN Mexico 2.lugar PrePWC Ukranian OPEN 2011 - Macedonia 8.lugar Kruševo OPEN CRO SO 2011 - 8.lugar Camepeonato Croatia 2011 1.lugar Novilist2011 DP prvak Resultados 2010: Monarcaparagliding OPEN Mexico 8.lugar Feniks OPEN Hrvace - 1.mjesto Istra OPEN Campeonat de Croatia - 1.lugar OPEN, 1.lugar RH Rezultados 2009: Superfinal PWC - 9 . lugar en mundo! Campeonat de Croatia - 1. lugar Paragliding World Cup Buzet - 46.mj. Svjetsko prvenstvo Mexico 60.mj Paragliding World Cup France 40. mj. Slovenia OPEN PrePWC 7.mj. Perfect Fly Cup Slovakia 7.mj. Resultados 2008: Paragliding World Cup Italy 95. mj. Paragliding World Cup Swicherland 85.mj Paragliding World Cup Bulgaria 95.mj Evropsko prvenstvo, Serbia, Niš 105.mj Resultados 2007: Campeonat de Croatia RH 2007 - 2.lugar prePWC Istra OPEN 2007 - 3. Ratitovec OPEN SLO - 6. Ivanec OPEN 2007 - 15. Kobarid OPEN SLO - 7. Metuljmania Lisca OPEN SLO - 15. Troffeomontegrappa 2007 ITA - 28. Slovenija OPEN 2007 - 13. Hungary XC open - 10. CROXC 2007 - 1. lugar Record de Croatia 193km triangulo

Marko's Company

Paragliding school Flumen

APPI certified School #209 Flumen gives paragliding courses all year around from the beginner level to the most advanced levels of an instructor.