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  • Member since: April 2017
  • From: >Les Chapelles, France
  • Skill level: Advanced
  • Response time: 3 - 5 days
  • Response rate: 59%
HI I'm Arnaud I had the chance to grow around Annecy where i've started to fly in 1994, at that time I was 14 years old. I naturally became a paragliding, miniwing and speedriding instructor. Although I like all aspect of paragliding ( hike and fly, acro...) what I prefer is cross country flying. I can fly all day long when conditions are good. I also still fly competition I've managed to climb on the a world cup event podium in 2017 (In Serbia) With now more than 20 years flying around I can say that I know pretty well the area. I know organise your cross country trips and share my knowledge.

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26 Jul. 2017

Arnaud was well organised and provided clear briefing on ground and in the air. He's knowledgable of the area and he provided a variety of flights from many take offs around annecy and it gave me a great flavour of the region. I likes his focus on safety, techniques and effeciency. the weather was great in most the days an he provided a plan that gets the most of each day. The retrieve was available timely. I enjoyed many flights with great scenery and they ranged from 25km to 49km around annecy.

25 Sep. 2018