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Come to northeast Brazil and experience why this is the best place in the world for cross country. Eager to go far? Dare to challenge yourself and break your personal best!
Paragliding conditions
Intermediate, Advanced
Flying Style: Cross Country
Terrain: Flatlands
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Retrieve (XC)

Expect dry and strong conditions, ideal for long, record breaking flights! The weather is favorable most of the days but there are "magic" days at 7 day intervals. These special days mean easy flying where you will be high through the whole flight and your paraglider will take you really far. Specially the end of the day will turn into something special with neverending, smooth glides. Along the usual route the terrain is mostly flat. We will start early in the day with low cloudbase but it will just get better and better up to 3000m. After 230km you can connect with the well-known route of Quixadá.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Assu - RN, Brasil
Flight search assistance
Suitable for: Solo traveler
Ambience: Wilderness, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Private
Food: Breakfast
Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan

The Destination

Northeastern Brazil is a semi-arid region, quite dry and that is why we have such great thermals. There are no dangerous wild animals that compromise our safety. On the other hand there will be plenty of vultures who will join you on each thermal and give precious help to find lift. The regular life in small villages is quite special, very simple but heart touching when you land after hundreds of km just to find a warm welcome from everyone around. If you are close to any village dozens of children and young people will come to greet you and you will be treated like a celebrity.

The Experience

Sertão is the best place in the world for cross country. The current world records were all set there. We will take-off with winch towing and aim to fly a 600km flatland route. We provide transportation and retrieve, accommodation and technical assistance for your flight. Your only concern will be to get the next thermal. The world’s top pilots are already familiar with the backcountry in Brazil. For flights up to 300km the best option remains Quixadá that we can also serve but recently the record hunters are turning to towed flights due to safer take-off when the wind is strong since there are no obstacles to create rotor and opening wide new possibilities to go really far. Flying days are sometimes tough as we get up at 5 a.m. and the return trip can take all night long. We will tow you up to 800m and you will have a 12h flight window. Cloud base begins at 900 meters and at the end of the day it will reach 3500m. For a resting day or as an alternative we have the beach of Canoa Quebrada where you can soar the cliffs or just enjoy the waves in the Ocean. Make sure you bring a satellite tracking device as this is a mandatory for safety reasons.


The standard accommodation will be in a double room. All expected amenities are available. It is located in downtown Assu, and it's one of the best hotels in the city. Breakfast is included with a wide variety of food, drinks and tropical fruits.
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EURISMAR is your host for this experience and will provide you with all the information needed.

I'm an experienced free flight pilot and instructor who's always flying and getting people to fly in northeast Brazil. I've been doing this for almost 10 years. And every year more people come to know the paradise of free flight through our assistance. My best flight sequence was last season with 3 consecutive flights over 300km. I receive people here from all over the world and some have already achieved much better results, such as the 500km acid flight and the xcontest award.
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