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Ride perfect waves in the morning and fly the rest of the day. El Salvador offers easy, accessible flying sites for all level pilots. Fly over majestic crater lakes, jagged cliffs on the coastline, and inland thermal sites with great XC potential. Stay at the Surf Villa overlooking endless sets.
Paragliding conditions
Flying Style: Soaring
Terrain: Mountains
Spot guidance

El Salvador offers six months of rain during the months of May through October, and six months of dry weather in the winter and spring months (Nov-April). Some of the sites are flyable year round like Lake Ilopango, which offers two great sites. Santa Cruz, a north facing site, which offer morning soaring conditions with thermals starting to pop around mid-morning. Corinto on the north side of the lake, a south facing site, offers great afternoon soaring conditions when the coastal winds work there way in around the afternoon hours of the day. The view from Santa Cruz on the south side is completely stunning, as you can see the whole lake on one side and the Pacific coastline on the other side. Other sites like Tamanique, offer more inland thermals and some cross potential, and the best time to get started if stronger more challenging conditions are desired, is around 11am. Another gem, Crater Lake Coatepeque, a southwest facing site, generates consistent winds ideal for soaring in the afternoon hours as well. El Salvador offers nice jagged cliffs along La Libertad's coastline where it is possible to hike and fly some of the mountain tops or just a short drive away like the Balsamar site. These sites offer fun and smooth conditions usually and are very close to many world re-known surf breaks. Combining morning surf and afternoon flying is extremely convenient. The best time of the year to make the best out of most sites is mid-February to early May.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Surf Villa, CerroMar. Playa El Sunzal, La Libertad, El Salvador
Suitable for: Group
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Private
Food: Breakfast
Available Options: Special diets

The Destination

El Salvador is a relatively small tropical country. It has been a world re-known surfing destination for decades. Visitors mention its people to be its most valuable asset as they tend to be warm, friendly, and welcoming. El Salvador's terrain is composed of volcanoes and mountains for the most part, with very diverse habitats and ecosystems for such a small country. Moving around is very easy and driving distances are short, making it possible to explore and experience different settings within a short time. This makes it the perfect destination to get a lot done and experience the colors of its culture, delicious cuisine, great adventures and volcanoes, epic surfing, and very consistent flying conditions for all level of paragliding pilots. The paragliding community is small, but have developed good logistics around the flying sites with relatively easy accesses and safe take off ramps and LZ's. Overall, El Salvador offers many attractions not only for surfers and paragliders, but for families and friends that want to come along.

The Experience

Perched in a hill, the property offers breathtaking views to Sunzal and Bocana famous surf breaks. The facilities are surrounded by exuberant and well maintained gardens, filled with palms, fruit trees and flowers; visited daily by colorful butterflies and birds. Contemplate sunrise while you sip a cup of the delicious Salvadoran coffee is unforgettable. As the warm, starry nights, lulled by the relaxing sound of the waves breaking in the shore.

Imagine an unique and laid back experience, totally "of the beaten path", one you will never forget. Dont expect to run into huge crowds of tourist anywhere and people get this feeling they have these beautiful places all to themselves. There is guaranteed fun for everyone.

For whom

This is your perfect destination for surfers, paragliders, couples, families and group retreats. The property offers exceptional privacy, security and comfort. Located just 250 yards from Sunzal and Tunco, 7 minutes from Punta Roca, 35 minutes from El Salvador´s International Airport and 30 minutes from the capital; this is truly surfer paradise. Our services include surf guides, airport and local transportation, massage, food and optional tours. Expert surf lessons and coaching are available from the Villa´s ISA certified surf instructor.

Your daily Schedulle

Pilots can engage in surfing or surf lessons in the morning and visit any of the paragliding sites in the afternoon. Days feel long just because a lot can get done. Driving distances are short from where we lodge. The farthest PG site is about 1 hour 15 minutes drive. Expenses and prices for other activities tend to be average to moderate for the most part. Other fun activities include hiking into the cloud forest, the lakes are beautiful to check out and offer crater diving options, sailing, boating, waterskiing, among other activities. Hiking up to some of the volcanoes can also be an interesting option.


To guarantee your privacy, Villa Surf is rented one group at a time. The house has 4 large and comfortable bedrooms, with AC, bathroom, closet, deck and ocean view. Beach, restaurants and convenience stores are walking distance. Many restaurants in the area offer delivery service.
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