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Experience some of the best flying in the world in the Indian Himalaya. Himachal Pradesh is located in the heart of these beautiful mountains and the flying sites with huge cross country and bivouac potential. There is no better way to fully appreciate the immense beauty of these mountains.
Paragliding conditions
Intermediate, Advanced
Flying Style: Cross Country, Tandem, Hike & Fly
Terrain: Mountains
Lessons or coaching
Spot guidance

The Kullu and Kangra Valleys are similarly landscaped to the Alps but on a higher and bigger scale. There is unlimited potential for XC and out and returns. Cloud base can range from 2500m to 6000m, with the tree-line at 3200m. Thermals tend to range from 2-10 m/s. There are many spectacular peaks over 5000m. Flying in the “Valley of the Gods”, the Kullu Valley, offers some superb sites for flying, including Gulaba (3100m), Halan (2700m) and Diar (2000m). These sites offer great potential for XC. Billing (2350m), the legendary Himalayan flying site, is undoubtedly one of the best sites in the world, with the Dhauladhar range stretching up to 100km either side, with superb flying conditions and reliable weather, it is a dream site

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Bir, Himachal Pradesh, Indija
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Private

The Destination

Himachal Pradesh is located in North West in India in the lap of the Great Himalayas. It is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir in the North, Punjab in the West, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in the South and Tibet in the East. Literally meaning, “The Land of Snow”, it enjoys a unique position in the Indian Himalayas. The elevation varies from 350m to 6975m. The people are friendly and welcoming, especially in the more remote areas, where tourists are still a novelty. Himachal has a great variety of landscapes, from plains, to foothills, to lush alpine valleys with numerous peaks of over 6000 mt to the spectacular high altitude deserts of ladakh and spiti.

The Experience

I have been exploring the region for the last 15 years and can modestly say I know where it works! Depending on your level and what you want to do, be it flying over 100kms out and returns, or getting to over 5000mts high, it would be my pleasure to help you achieve your goals and show you the great routes and stunning scenery around the Bir and Manali area.

Guiding Includes
  • Pre flight briefing which includes weather forecast for the day, predicted flying conditions, about the flying site we will be using and any potential dangers if there are any, the route for the day.
  • In flight radio advice on technique and decision making
  • A debrief at the end of the day where we can look at the track logs for the day and discuss the flight.

The max number of people per guide is 3, if you are a bigger group, I can organize a second guide, the ideal though is 2 people of a similar level per guide. For long XC flights we will probably fly in Bir and if you are more interested in getting to high altitudes we will use the Kullu valley.

What You Need
  • A certified glider, reserve parachute and helmet
  • A VHF radio
  • An insurance that covers helicopter rescue and repatriament
  • A spot or other tracking device (not compulsory, but great if you do)


Accommodation in not included in the package but it won't be a problem. There are lots of local guest houses and hotels at varying prices, i can help you book these if needed.
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From $821 / 7 nights From $821 / 7 nights

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