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Discover the Iberian life-style while having the best flying in a truly Mediterranean athmosphere. Come to southern Spain, boost your skills with the sound guidance of a World Cup Pilot, and have a blast!
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Flying Style: Cross Country, Soaring
Terrain: Mountains
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The best time of the year for flying in this area are Spring and Autumn. Winter is also good but with milder conditions. In summer the conditions are too stable and not ideal. For the classic days you can expect really high cloudbase allowing for serious aerial explorations of the surroundings. We will adapt the place and the timing according to your experience in order to get the most out of the days. The area has plenty of excellent flying spots, and we know them all like the back of our hand. According to the weather conditions we will be visiting some well-known places like Abdalajis, El Yelmo or Pegalar, as well as other less famous but nonetheless excellent take-offs.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Totana, Espanha
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Suitable for: Group
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Collective

The Destination

Spain needs no introduction, and among paragliders there are some World famous spots but not everyone knows Murcia and the surrounding area yet. Actually, this could be considered a quite unknown place, still not discovered by mass-tourism and paragliders. The coast is nearby making it a perfect destination while combining the marvels at the beach and the inland wonders. It is full of hystorical places, ancient culture and relaxed life-style. From famous Roman cities, to flamenco culture and of course not forgetting the splendid wine, we will show you all the local attractions and we can assure you won't get bored!

The Experience

We will pick you up at the airport and introduce you to the Southern Spain paragligind capsule where anyone who talks about something not related to paragliding for more than 10 minutes has to pay a beer. Accomodation, transport from airport, retrievals are included. You just have to focus and inhale all the concepts we will be talking about and fly as far and high as you can in the best flying places Spain can offer. At night we will visit some typical places to eat and drink. Just make sure you are not going to fly with a hangover! There are many close by towns with their cool unknown local events, for example in Jumilla (45km away) there is a "wine" version of "La Tomatina" playing with wine in stead of tomatoes... We have the moral obligation of, at least, have a taste of this events.

Flying Holidays

This tour is focused in flying around Murcia and close surroundings but also in getting to know the city and the region in a relaxed way. Its wines, its flamenco shows and its hidden secrets. No stress attached. We will stay in Murcia the whole week but we will be mobile and visit different take-offs nearby. We have a top pilot with us, a World Cup regular and one of Spain's finest: Chechu. Murcia has been his playground so he's totally at ease guiding you around this area where we will find plenty of beautiful, safe and relatively close take-offs. One thing is for sure: We will fly a lot!

We will have the chance for some cycling in Sierra Espuña Park to exercice the muscles that we don't use in the sky. Climbing with a guide is a second option in the rare case that we have flown enough for the day. The coast is just 20 minutes away from our base, so we will be able to visit and enjoy the beach.

High Performance Coaching

Chechu will lead this optional tour and pass all his knowledge about how to maximise your performance. We will focus on methods, study and develop some meteo analysis skills in order to improve in all levels. We will spend some time just debating the theoretical aspects and we will then apply them in real conditions. This program is designed for pilots with some previous experience in order to take full advantage of it.

Our base is located in Totana Murcia. Depending on the season we will move to different take-offs: Castala, Palomaret, Jabalcon, Zarzadilla, Yelmo, depending on which ones present the best conditions.


We will be based in Totana, close to Murcia. The house has all the convenient amenities for your stay. In case we are on tour we assure all our accomodations are confortable and clean, and typicaly consist of houses with double room and kitchen for our use. We will welcome you with a spanish ham, "jamón serrano". Music, swiming pool available and also a guitar in case you want to practice. In case you decide to join the "High Performance Coaching", the first night will be pretty similar but depending on the weather the next day we might move to different take-offs. We will select the right place to stay but always with the same standards of quality.
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