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Come and discover a new exciting destination. A place which you will never forget and where you would like to return. Fly and explore this area with it's friendly people, tasty food and amazing nature.
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Flying Style: Cross Country, Soaring, SIV, Tandem, Hike & Fly
Terrain: Mountains, Beach
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We will be using 5 different take-off places: **Teghenis** large and smooth area, a perfect start for XC flights and for top landings. The micrometeorology is mostly predictable. Oriented for southern, north and west winds, the cloudbase in good days can reach as high as 5400m above sea level. **Aparan** This is a south facing take-off, large, clean and smooth area also perfect for XC flights and very easy to and top land. The mountain range has a long ridge and it makes good conditions for dynamic soaring. Take-off can be reached by foot or by 4WD vehicles. The local aerology is very predictable. The cloudbase can reach as high as 5000 m over sea level. **Sevan** another smooth take-off accessible by 4WD vehicles. The landing is a soft, grass-covered field. The mountain range has long straight ridges, good for dynamic soaring. **Hatis** simple relief and predictable aerology, with good XC potential. Thermals are relatively high, and the thermal cycles are long-lasting. There are plenty of fields for landing. Take off areas are reached by 4WD vehicles. **Gutan** simple relief and predictable aerology, with quite good XC potential. The thermals are relatively high, thermal cycles are long-lasting. Suitable for dynamic soaring. Take off areas are reached by 4WD vehicles. **Vedi** good XC conditions, unlimited places for landing, predictable micrometeorology, long stretch of mountain range which allows to fly long distances.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Hostel Glide, Yerevan, Armenia
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Non-pilot
Ambience: Relaxed, Lively Bars
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Breakfast

The Destination

Armenia – the first Christian country in the world, is a charming nation, full of rich history and amazing nature - is becoming one of the most popular countries in the region for tourist attractions. Tasty and cheap food, nice people, diverse nature, peaceful and chilling atmosphere, ancient monuments. All these will make your stay truly memorable. Different flying sites will make for a very diverse and fulfilling experience.

The Experience

Do you want to experience new paragliding spots, feel free? We can help you to achieve it. Different flying sites, luxurious nature, outstanding people... all these will fill up your time with joy and great emotions. Our club has done a great investment to attract pilots to visit Armenia and fly a new and original spot. We strive to show you how this people, their hospitality, the amazing and tasty food, relaxed and homy atmosphere, unique nature and ancient history can make your time spent here unforgettable.

Other activities

Each pilot wish to fly every day, specially if they are at a new spot. We know it by heart! Even if the weather doesn't let it happen every day, believe us, we will never let you loose your time. We will arrange other activities for you to experience our country, to learn it better and fall in love with it. Hikings, cultural tours, sightseeings, food tasting, we have it all, for the non-flying days.


Our hostel is located in Yerevan, the capital, in a safe, private and peaceful area, close to downtown. The metro is 5 min walking. It is very suitable for the pilots to stay at, as our starts to the take-off areas are from here. We have 10 rooms in total allowing for 24 people max occupancy. Most of the rooms have a great view to Mt Ararat. The hostel is family run and the atmosphere is very nice and homy. One of the family members - Armen - is the founder of the only professional club arranging paragliding flights in Armenia.
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