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Fly over vast Romanian spruce forests and magnificent medieval castles where the legend of Count Dracula is still alive. An unforgettable flying experience in the hearth of the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains, while your guides will help you discover the best XC routes and all house thermals.
Paragliding conditions

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Flying Style: Cross Country, Soaring, Tandem

Terrain: Flatlands, Mountains

Lessons or coaching

Spot guidance

Retrieve (XC)

Carefully choosing the best take off places with safe and reliable landings according to the season of the year, we will guide you in the heart of Carpathian Mountains for a memorable flying experience. April to September are generally good months for thermic and XC flights here. You will need to be a pilot with some flying experience in thermal, XC and basic mountain flying. We will, however, choose the flying sites in such a way to accommodate various pilot levels, making first sure that reaching official landing will be a non-event for any type of pilot. In the same time these flying spots have a good potential for thermal and distance crossing, making it easy to transform a good day into your personal best XC!

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Hotel

Suitable for: Group

English Romanian

Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Breakfast

The Destination

Romania is one of the most mysterious and beautiful countries in Europe. Its ancient cobblestone streets, mysterious forests, and buildings thoroughly permeated by medieval spirit will penetrate your core. This country will fascinate you with its humble beauty, its gorgeous Carpathian mountains, and wonderful frescoes of ancient Orthodox monasteries. The best thing about it might be its magnificent medieval castles; according to legend, Count Dracula lived in one of them. We will be exploring the Carpathian Mountains. These massive mountains form a 1,500km-long range in Central and Eastern Europe. They stretch west to east in an arc from the Czech Republic to Romania. More than half of the Carpathian range lies in Romania, where spruce forests are home to brown bears, wolves and lynxes.

The Experience

If you have never been around you are probably asking yourself what to expect from a guided paragliding trip in Transylvania. Shall it be a fantastic XC experience, or rather easier flying spots with a lot of landing opportunities? Will it be strong thermals or rather mild ones? Well, the answer to all these questions is YES! Because we will show you many beautiful spots, matching your experience level. To be honest with you, if you have in mind record breaking adventures with hundreds of kilometres within easy reach, well, you will need some skills to master a combination between high alpine, low hills and flatland flying.

As a starting point we have chosen the city of Brasov, surrounded by mountains and being at a reasonable distance from many flying places. We will guide you in the heart of Carpathian Mountains for a memorable flying experience.

Good mood and big fun is included in the package as a standard! So come along, and bring your family as well! We can arrange tandem flights for them with experienced pilots.

The team

We are a group of 3 friends, paragliding pilots and tandem pilots since 2007, sharing many hours of free flight and safe landings. Mostly flying in Romania we have learned to master the specific characteristics of each and every spot we are proposing you in our tours. Therefore you can rely on us in providing vital information on each take-off and landing configuration, micro climate of each area and weather forecast.


We have carefully chosen locations that are both great in terms of services and are at a reasonable price as well. To be frank, if you ever participated in any paragliding tours in Western Europe or elsewhere, you will be surprised to find better accommodation for less money! Transylvania fly "base camp" will be in Brasov and most of the flying places will be max. 2 hours of reach by car. This will give us enough time to be "home" in Brasov even after long flying days. More precisely we propose you two hostels located in the city of Sacele, just minutes away from one of our favourite flying spots - Bunloc.

Double room (UNIO Guest House)

This is what a regular paragliding pilot will call a "deLuxe location", with large twin rooms, a beautiful view, with a good meeting room for our evening briefing. There is nothing more we could ask for after the 5 hrs+ flights ... except the available swimming pool and sauna. Decent breakfast included.

Double room (IRIS Guest House)

It is located just 5 min by foot from the landing place in one of our favourite spots: Bunloc, Sacele. A good place for sharing your flying tips with friends, while tasting Romanian beers. Nice breakfast included.



Included services
Food: Breakfast
Local guide
Weather briefing
Transportation to take-offs and retrieve
Optional services
Tandem flights - 1
Vegetarian food
Extra expenses
Main meals and drinks not included
Flight tickets


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27 Aug. 2017

just awesome, Macrin is really willing to bring us to the best spot of the day, and drive as long as needed to pick us up after our flights, also very good moments shared around beers or a barbecue... and you fly in the legendaries transylvania mountains...


From: Brasov
Member since: April 2017
Response time: A few hours
Response rate: 100 %