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  • Member since: August 2019
  • From: Adeje, Spain
  • Skill level: Advanced
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The members of our team are: David Garcia, approximately 16 years paragliding experience, started flying when 12 years old, then evolved to acro and tandem flying. I (Oana) just love flying tandems with him, close to the rocks or listening his calm explanations while doing the siv manoeuvres with me as a passenger. After landing, I feel a more confident and better pilot. Oana Matei, approximately 10 years paragliding experience, moved to Tenerife almost 10 years ago and still considering it one of my best decisions ever, fell in love with Taucho and from that moment on the time flew. Travelling as often as possible and learning from different comps I´ve participated in. I’m still amazed by the beauty and the microclimates of Tenerife and happy to be in the air.