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  • Member since: August 2019
  • From: Adeje, Spain
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Hi flyers! My name is Oana Andreea Matei. Living and flying in Tenerife since 2010 because all those flying flags on the Tenerife´s map made it look like paragliding paradise. It definitely is! Plus, the beautiful ocean, the nature and the warm temperatures all year rock! Sharing now with you the passion and the knowledge about flying in Tenerife.


27 Oct. 2021

Mind Blown! Expectations Obliterated! I came to Tenerife specifically to learn to thermal and get into the XC game. Being new to the sport, I had accumulated most of my airtime coastal soaring and had less than ten minutes of actual thermalling. On the very first day, with Oana guiding me on the radio, I spent over an hour thermalling my way up to cloudbase. Every day was a personal best, spending hours flying into the clouds, hunting thermals, simulating XC tasks, and beautiful sunset landings at the beach. After four days with Oana, I felt that I progressed from the beginner level, reaching a new stage of competency as a Pilot. Oana was a joy to hang out with daily and highly professional, meticulous at forecasting, planning, and safety. If you're looking for a laid-back, intimate view into the world of paragliding in Tenerife, book with Oana. She'll take you to new heights...literally!


Oana Andreea
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